I offer
to you
solutions after years of research in astrology,
mathematics and computers.
My method of predicting life events with exact dates is
scientifically checked on hundreds of people since last 17 years.

My predictions are precise to the extent
that it gives you date/month/year accuracy
of your past present and future events.

Whether you believe in astrology or not....

I am giving you a way to check-recheck
my prediction on your present or past life events to be
100% sure doubt-free. Until you get 100% convinced and then
use Astrology as guiding force of your life in future.


Life is such a vast subject that
it can not be understood fully in one lifetime.
So in astrology also I am in the process of
learning new faces of life day by day.

It is not possible
to tell ALL life events
because life is very vast subject.
as no Medical Doctor in this world available
who can claim to know all branches accuratly,
he is all together a neuro surgeon as well as a
orthopedic surgeon as well as a heart specialist and
may be a gynac surgeon.....our life is too short for that.

Astrology is the mathematical interpretation of life.
I have understood many rules of astrology accurately, but not all of them.

I can predict some of the following life events with exact period like....

Business ups-down
exactly when more money will come
when tention will be there
when tention will be released
when your plans will be unsuccessful
when you spend more money unnecessarily
when you are going to get job/change of job
After which year you will settled in life
when you must save money

your current present situation
Who had proposed in love marriege(in which year)
when one can fall in love

You can send details email to me
and give me some time to calculate then you can see
how astrology can be guiding force of your life.