Astrology Software

This sections helps you for your Astro software need.


Kundli 2000
Please ask This is One of the best or I can say
the only software available under Windows which is
Accurate in Horoscope Calculations
Very affordable Price...and service too

Now. Kundli-2000 comes with Hardware Lock (NO-KeyDisk problems)

Kundli 2000 Software Price 2150/- Only
plus Handling-Postage charges..(Not applicable in Gujarat)



Astrolog is FREE Astrology Software
Predictions not available
Best Software for Astrology research

I also use same software.
You can search and download from Internet.
or ask me if you can not find
I do not suggest for non-astrologers.



Ask if You need any software for Astrology...


your suggestions are most valuable for me.